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The Divorce Cooperation Institute was formed in 2003 by a group of Wisconsin family law lawyers who realized that many divorce cases generally involve two reasonably good people who just cannot live together anymore. While anger may temporarily blind them, their long-term best interests when there are minor or adult children involved require a decent, if not amicable, relationship.

The legal process can do harm to this relationship, which may fester for years to come. As a result, many people are reluctant to use lawyers for their divorce, preferring mediation or even proceeding pro se. In many cases, this may be perfectly fine. In other cases, having a trained, experienced professional involved may be essential for agreements that are tax-friendly, address all relevant issues, and afford parties the security of approval by a lawyer focused on their best interests.


To help parties resolve issues and thereby costly litigation by providing family law attorneys with a model using cooperative skills, tools and current research.


All family law attorneys are eligible to become members of the Divorce Cooperation Institute. To become a member, a lawyer must agree to abide by the principles of the Institute and to participate in legal educational programs designed to teach civility, ethical behavior, settlement techniques and cooperative behavior.

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