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Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE)
through The Divorce Cooperation Institute

There are many advantages in using the Divorce Cooperation Institute’s Early Neutral Evaluation Service:

  • Quick access to many of the state’s most experienced family law attorneys, who recognize the extraordinary burdens litigation places on many families and have a demonstrated commitment to alternative dispute resolution. 

  • An unbiased second opinion, providing a reality check for both client and counsel.

  • The opportunity to avoid excessive discovery costs and delays, and the opportunity to reduce the overall expense of high-quality representation by avoiding litigation costs. 

  • The opportunity to engage in creative problem-solving to craft a resolution that most nearly meets the needs of both parties. 

  • Finally, the ability to narrow issues that may ultimately be tried. 

DCI also Offers Mediation Services

In addition to ENE, members of DCI offer traditional mediation services.  Unlike ENE, members who offer mediation services attempt to facilitate settlement of issues.  In some cases, the mediator may perform some evaluative services during the mediation process.  In most cases, however, the mediator serves as a facilitator.  Members of DCI who perform mediation services are experienced and understanding of all aspects of a case.   Typically, the DCI mediator establishes his or her protocol with the parties and their attorneys.  In some cases, attorneys may not be part of the mediation process. 

Mediation intake forms are available for download and use.  

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